Five daughters 100 layer doughnut 1

You. Want. THIS.

How have I lived a life without a Five Daughters Bakery 100-layer doughnut? How? It’s been a shell of a life, really. But now I am one of the faithful. One of the stand-in-line-on-a-Saturday-morning people.

Let me just describe this thing. It is a cross between a yeast doughnut and a croissant. It is crunchy and ever-so-slightly greasy on the outside and soft as a cloud on the inside. My mouth is barely big enough to tackle a perfect bite from top to bottom. Sometimes I go in sideways.

But once you bite in, you see this:

Five Daughters 100 layer doughnut 2

They are filled with pastry cream. Like silk, this pastry cream. Today I got a maple-glazed doughnut and a strawberry glazed doughnut for King Daddy and I to share. Five Daughters has three always-there flavors: maple glaze, vanilla cream and milk chocolate sea salt. Other flavors vary from week to week and season to season.

They also have cinnamon rolls, paleo doughnuts (who knew that was a thing?) and doughnut knots, which is doughnut dough tied in a knot and covered in sugar. It’s as big as your head. I am ashamed to admit I got one of those, too, and ate it all myself.

I have a guide on whether something is “worth the calories.” I’m always bitterly disappointed when I order something out and it’s just meh. And it’s fattening and meh. That’s the worst. An example: About once every three years I just crave a Big Mac. I fantasize about it until I can’t stand it and then I give in and go eat one. And it’s really good for just the first bite. By the time I leave the Golden Arches I am kicking myself for my temporary weakness.

I’ll be on my twigs and sticks diet for at least two days to make up for these 100-layer doughnuts. But they’re more than worth the calories.

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