Grilled bacon, egg and pimento cheese sandwiches

King Daddy are devoted to several breakfast spots out in the world. Chief among them are Waffle House (hash browns covered, smothered and chunked), Krystal (senior breakfast!) and Arby’s (yes, a smokehouse brisket sandwich is entirely appropriate for breakfast).

But sometimes breakfast is better at home. Like this morning. Just an hour or so ago. May I present the bacon, egg and pimento cheese sandwich griddled to a golden brown. There might be a little bit (a lot) of butter involved.

Bacon Egg Pimento Cheese Sandwich

That is a thing of beauty.

The secret to this sandwich is not the list of ingredients but where the ingredients come from.

  • Bacon: Use really good bacon. I used Niman Ranch this morning but I also have a stash of Neuske’s in the freezer. If you’re local to Nashville, it’s worth a trip to Porter Road Butchers for their bacon. Don’t fry it. Bake it in a 400 degree oven for about 20 minutes depending on the thickness of the bacon. It stays perfectly flat.
  • Eggs: Buy local. I get mine at the Old Feed Mill, which sells Amish products, or the local farmer’s market. As soon as you crack one open you can see the difference. The yolks are almost a startling orange instead of pale yellow.
  • Pimento cheese: Oh, yes. The meltability (is that a word?) of pimento cheese is far superior to any block cheese. I also get mine at the Old Feed Mill. It’s super chunky. But any pimento cheese will do.
  • Butter: Good butter. Real butter. A pat in the skillet when you fry the eggs. More melted into the empty skillet before you add the sandwich.

Yes, it’s full of fat. That’s why you have it for breakfast. Work it off the rest of the day. It’s worth it.

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