Kraft changed the Blue Box

Blue Box 2

So this is heresy. This is a cataclysmic culinary sea changes. This is just not right.

Kraft changed the ingredients in its iconic macaroni and cheese. The original Blue Box. And they didn’t even tell us when they did it.

My friend, Mary Ann, sent me a link to the story in the Washington Post. “I think you’ll be interested in this,” she said.

Blue Box 1

In a nutshell, the story says the company took out all the artificial stuff in December but didn’t tell anybody. They wanted to see if anyone would notice and they maintain no one did.

Blue Box 3

What they did was to substitute artificial ingredients with paprika, turmeric and annatto seed added for color, but you have to read to the very end of the ingredient list to find that out.

What! How am I going to get my daily allowance of Yellow Dye No. 1? So I ran right out to my beloved Publix to get a box.

I made it by my usual formula, which is not according to the instructions. You cook the macaroni, drain it and add twice as much butter as the instructions call for. Once melted, you add the cheese packet and then just enough milk to make the sauce creamy.

Okay, here’s the result. I won’t keep you waiting. It’s not as cheesy anymore. It’s just not. I’ve eaten probably hundreds of the Blue Boxes in my lifetime (which has not been cut short so far by artificial flavors, preservatives or dyes) and I know what it’s supposed to taste like.

So I am now on the hunt for knock-off Blue Boxes that maintain the sanctity of artificial ingredients. Who’s with me on this? C’mon, folks, some things just don’t need fixing. Not a single child has perished by consuming the old kind of Kraft macaroni and cheese. Let’s return to reason and common sense. Let’s return to a whole spectrum of yellow dyes. I want my original Blue Box back.

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