Candy Crush

Christmas candy

This is my version of Candy Crush and it plays out after every major candy holiday – 50 percent off. Deep discount.

King Daddy loves his candy. I maintain a nice big bowl of it (miniature-sized only – somebody has to be in charge of portion control) at all times. But it is sadly out of fashion all year long because I take advantage of the candy holidays – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Those are the holidays for which candy makers produce specially wrapped treats.

So right now, KD is finishing up his brown and gold-wrapped Thanksgiving candy. Then will come the red and green Christmas candy, then the pink and purple Valentine’s candy, then the orange and black Halloween candy and back to Thanksgiving. The only gap in my plan is that there are no candy holidays between Easter and Halloween so I really have to stock up. And, yes, even candy has an expiration date but the Snickers miniatures I bought yesterday don’t expire until next July and we will be well into the Easter candy by then.

So it’s not too late for you to get on out there and stock up. Through careful comparison shopping I can reveal to you that by far the best selection is at Target. Walgreen’s is good for some of the more unusual candy like Andes Mints. And, sadly, I do not know what my beloved Publix does with their leftover holiday candy but I never see any on the shelves.

I know this seems excessively cheap on my part and maybe it is. But true Southern belles live by this rule: Never pay retail. It just bruises our souls to pay full price. Even for a bag of peanut butter cups.

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