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I have no idea why I’ve lost such track of time. October 24 to November 5. What in the hell was I doing that I had no time to get to the blog. Oh, I know. Working. A lot of working. Not that I’m complaining, but I appear to be, don’t I?

So I am going to tell you something that I would never have done a year ago that I inappropriately rely on now. This is not an ad. I am not soliciting any new customers. But I absolutely adore Blue Apron.

My friend, Donna Stokes-Rogers, introduced me to Blue Apron about three months ago. Donna is one of the world’s best cooks. I am but a speck of dust on her shoe when it comes to cooking. But she said she started using Blue Apron to avoid going to the grocery store so much. She and I have the same incurable disease when it comes to grocery shopping: We go in for something that costs $1.98 and $100 later we come back out.

So every Wednesday I come up the driveway and start looking for my beautiful Blue Apron box. It holds two meals — all pre-portioned but all raw ingredients — that make four servings each.

Blue Apron 2

Everything comes in super cute bags with a recipe card that even an idiot can follow.

Now, none of this would be worth it if the food wasn’t good. Since you can cancel Blue Apron at any time I was prepared to make the first two meals and hit the “bye bye” button. But they’re really good and this old dog is learning a few new tricks from it.


  • Making mac and cheese with roasted cauliflower is really a good idea.
  • I thought I would never buy whole wheat pasta. I was wrong and now I would.
  • If you dust your chopped raw chicken pieces in cornstarch they fry up super crispy.
  • If you put kale in a Mexican casserole with a bunch of other stuff it actually tastes good.

The meal you see here was Pork Chops and Fall Vegetable Hash with Wild Rice Blend. Delicious. I’ve made the hash — which includes sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, red onion and apples — again and again. The sauce that went with the pork chops included pork demi glace. I don’t even know where you would buy that.

I will say that if you don’t like to cook, this is not for you. There is actually prep work and cooking involved. But I am about to get cooking. Up tonight is a pizza with roasted broccoli and fresh mozzarella. There’s one more thing I should mention. Some of the offerings are vegetarian as is this pizza. That will not fly with King Daddy. So tonight there will be sausages involved. On the side.

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  1. Julie Reinhardt
    Julie ReinhardtReply
    November 7, 2015 at 6:45 am

    I”m curious. Guess I will google Blue Apron…

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