I cannot convey too much how excited I am about this weekend. My friend, Mary Ann, is flying in from Washington, D.C. and she, Noah and I are headed to the Music City Wine Festival.

The festival started three years ago, the brainchild of star chefs Jonathan Waxman and Tim Love and the local band The Kings of Leon. It is a two-day orgy of food, wine and spirits. But rather than tell you, I will show you via a few photos I snapped at last year’s festival.

Butter Poached Lobster with Popcorn

Butter-poached lobster and popcorn. My favorite last year. I went back five times without shame or regret.

French Toast with Poached Pears from Sinema

French toast with poached pears. Not that I needed dessert after everything else I ate, but I polished off every speck of this.

Smoked Wagyu Short Ribs with Brussels Sprouts Slaw

Smoked wagyu short ribs with shaved Brussels spout salad. Now I get what the whole wagyu beef craze is all about. But a piece this size is about all I can afford.

Duck Meat Loaf with Peach Jam from Etch

Duck meatloaf with peach jam. All it needed was a slice of soft white bread and a slathering of mayonnaise to make the best meatloaf sandwich ever.

Noodles with Sesame Chile Sauce and Cured Egg Yolk by Otaku South

Noodles with sesame chili sauce and cured egg yolk. Noah couldn’t get over this one so he went back again and again just to make sure it tasted as good the fourth time as it did the first.

And this is just a sampling. The tip of the iceberg. I wonder if there’s a mini iceberg wedge with blue cheese dressing and bacon in my future tomorrow? Stay tuned.

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