Loaded grilled potatoesFather’s Day is coming up and for King Daddy that means steak and baked potatoes. I am reminded on Father’s Day of all the things Mark does for me that I would not do for myself. And I don’t mean a nice bottle of perfume or a gift card to the spa. I mean the really nice things he does for me. Let’s review:

  • There was the time when I heard a faint buzzing inside the master bathroom wall and when Mark went to investigate he punched a slight hole in the wall and thousands – tens of thousands – of bees poured out. King Daddy is allergic to bee stings. But he put on his long-sleeved shirt, pulled up his socks over his pant legs, pulled a ski mask over his head and charged in to the bathroom with a bee bomb. Then we all went to Waffle House for breakfast because we were pretty shaken.
  • Then there was the time we were charmed to find a family of groundhogs living under our deck – until one of them got into the air conditioning duct and attempted to exit into our bedroom. Let’s just say the poor little guy was trapped and his continued presence in the duct was not desirable.  Let’s just say there was crawling under the house with a shotgun involved. Spring was late that year.
  • So there was this skunk. You get the picture. See above.
  • Last year, I am looking at my garden and tell King Daddy that I really have to weed. KD gently replies that, in his estimation, there is no garden. It’s all weeds. And when I come home the next day, he has not only weeded the “garden” but added 4 inches of mulch.

Snakes. The only thing Mark will not confront is snakes or as he calls them “Mr. No Spine”. That’s my job.

So this Father’s Day it will be loaded grilled potatoes and steak or maybe something even fancier. For the loaded grilled potatoes, hop on over to the Char-Broil LIVE site and take a look see. They’re mighty tasty. And for a pretty spectacular rendition of prime rib, which I may attempt for King Daddy, check out my blogger buddy Curt McAdam’s recipe. Or visit his spectacular website, livefire. There’s more where that came from.

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