The bacon cooker

My friends, Tom and Marida Stearns, brought me a present recently from Asheville’s New Morning Gallery, possibly the most elegant and whimsical art gallery in the entire world.

“I don’t know if you’ll like it,” Marida said. “You probably won’t even use it. Tom picked it out.”

Why would I not LOVE a ceramic bacon cooker! Yes! (Please consult my other blog, Two Chicks in a Warehouse, for myriad bacon ideas we prepare for Bacon Wednesday.) I did have doubts about how it would work, though, to be honest. And normally I don’t go for kitchen equipment that can only do one job. But this is the exception.

Bacon cooker

So, all you have to do is drape the bacon over the cooker and microwave it. About a minute for each strip. How do it do that voodoo it do so well? I don’t know. But the bacon comes out beautifully crisp and the grease drips to the bottom where a handy spout will allow you to empty it into that bacon grease jar I know you all are keeping. The  bacon cooker will do up to eight strips at a time, which is barely a snack for me. And the bacon obviously does not come out in a flat strip. But who’s to quibble when this thing does a job in two minutes that baking in the oven takes 20?

Actually, I just thought of another use for the bacon cooker. Would it not be fabulous as a container for fresh herbs? You could put water in the outside rim, which would flow into the cup via the holes that are there for the bacon grease to drip out of (ending with a preposition – Bad Mommy). Then you could keep your fresh herbs…well…fresh.

OK, we are now all set with a Mayhew-approved, multi-use piece of kitchen equipment. Bacon cooker and herb preserver. Which application do you think I’ll use more? 🙂

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