Sure enough, the idea of pork gravy for Thanksgiving was a really bad one (scroll down for original post). The sad fact of the matter is that thousands (O.K, maybe hundreds) of people thought Rocco Dispirito knew what he was talking about recommending that people use Heinz Pork Gravy with some turkey drippings instead ofmaking a proper gravy.

The gravy absolutely sucked. There’s no way around it. Even my mother-in-law said never again.

So here’s my rant: Rocco recommended this horrific idea on Rachel Ray’s show – national television! He obviously had no idea what he was talking about. He just threw it out there and probably ruined the Thanksgivng dinner (OK, damaged it slightly) for everyone foolish enough to think he had actually experimented with using sad pork gravy.

What else to chefs or TV cooks recommend that’s just not true? Rachel Ray keeps telling us not to wash mushrooms because they’ll get soggy, when that’s simply bad advice.  Ditto telling us not to salt them because they’ll get tough. Sandra Lee recommends all these wacky ingredients you’ll never use again in a million years while she tells you how much time and money you’ll save not making food from scratch.

Cooks/chefs who need to get a clue: Rachel, Sunny Anderson, Sandra Lee, Danny Boome (also gets the award for most annoying television presence) and even, sometimes, Emeril.

Cooks/chefs who get it: Ina Garten, Tyler Florence, Bobby Flay, Alex Guarnaschelli, Alton Brown (although he also falls into annoying), and Giada DeLaurentis

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