Rite of Spring

In spring, when the pencil-thin asparagus make their debut at the grocery store, there is only one thing to do. Go home and make hollandaise….

Creamed mushrooms

Just like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, another total comfort food for me is creamed mushrooms. While I was searching around for a good image to…

Retro food day

I didn’t realize it until this morning but I had a retro food day yesterday. I was home writing grants after a big giveaway at…

False advertising

I am a devotee of Saveur. I consider it one of the finest food magazines published, far above Gourmet (which has gotten dull and preachy)….

More butt sniffing

So, I’m struck as I’m watching a promo for Food TV’s new show, Extreme Cuisine, that it sounds JUST LIKE the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Food….