snappy lunch

Southern cuisine is unique to America. It’s a combination of hard-scrabble lives, cooking what no one else would eat, and living off the land. How else do you explain mustard greens, fried chicken livers and fatback? But it’s more than food. It’s history, it’s connections, it’s comfort. And, most of all, it’s stories. Stories told around the dinner table, at the bar, on a picnic or after a ballgame.

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  1. we are Mossy Bayou Foods…several great southern specialties. Be glad to send any samples you might like to try.
    Noticed the Snappys sign: There is a Snappy’s Hot Sauce now at the restaurant and available across the street at Mayberry On Main.

    • the south in my mouth

      I just sent you my address to the e-mail address on your website. Thanks so much for thinking of me.

  2. Susan Cowperthwaite

    Love, love your blog.

  3. Gloria Cox

    Awesome Blog! I love having this resource!

  4. sparkles2307

    Just found your blog, and am loving it!

  5. Dee

    Hey, would you please shoot me an email and advise what foods go over best at your church’s annual High Tea? We are trying on this year at our church and I want to know what works best. I am already committed to making a pound cake and chicken salad in puff pastry cups but I want to do other things, too…

  6. We drove 5 hours just to try the pork chop sammich at Snappy Lunch. :)

  7. Doe

    I would like to unsubscribe from your newsletter. I can’t access it from my yahoo account as the links don’t work w/ any browser. Please help.


  8. Louise

    I love to catch up on your blog, as I don’t read it daily. It is priceless to me and always makes me laugh. It also always makes me want the recipes. What would you suggest would be a good way to save/ copy your stories, recipes and pictures for perpetuity? Thanks. It’d be neat if you were to publish the whole thing in a book…..?;)

  9. Would love to chat with you about possible blogger promotion. Can you email me please? Thanks!!


  10. Hi Catherine! I’d love to talk to you about a new foodie project in Nashville. What’s your email? Tasty regards, Andrea

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