We might starve (again)

“I wish I could go in a grocery store,” the Princess said plaintively. Her mother, my beloved daughter-in-law Tammy, does drive by grocery shopping from a big box retailer. She drives by, they load up her van and she drives off. Sydney only gets a brief glimpse of what’s inside the store.

Tammy does not cook much. She is an internationally known expert in global human resources and benefits and has traveled the world implementing systems. But frying chicken is a mystery to her. Her chicken comes in nugget form from the freezer.

So when the North Carolina Mayhews visit, it’s cooking time for Miss Sydney. And eating time. If there’s one thing all the Mayhews know it’s eating.

So we started off the visit with fried chicken and waffles. There’s nothing like a good set of chicken hands to kick off a weekend. Breading chicken is a great project for kids because it’s messy. And they can have pride in really being part of making a meal. Sydney even picked out her special piece of chicken and tracked it all the way through the frying process (that was Nana’s job).

The next morning it was off to the farmer’s market so Sydney could pick out fresh produce. Kind of like an outdoor grocery store except without all the middle aisles of processed foods. And then, because she has a terrible sweet tooth, on to Five Daughters Bakery for the most sinful 100-layer doughnuts ever.

Yes, we came home with six of them even though there were only five of us. Taste testing, you know. We ate pretty much every sweet crumb and then fell immediately into sugar comas.

So as it turns out, Tammy does know how to cook something. Egg in a Hole. It was a favorite of Dammit Boy’s as a child and a favorite of Sydney’s today. The girl is a picky eater. For instance, she loves cheese dip but claims to hate melted cheese (as on a hamburger or in a quesadilla). But the girl loves her runny yolks so there’s hope for her yet.

All throughout the weekend, Sydney was hoarding a giant peanut butter cup that she’d brought with her. She was saving it to eat all on her own. And then in the rush of leaving for the airport she forgot it.

Yes, we sent her the photo. This isn’t child abuse, is it?

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