Whipped ricotta

This is going to be short and sweet. I have two words for you that will change your life. Whipped ricotta.

It’s a thing, whipped cheeses in general. They have to be somewhat soft and the idea is to take out the graininess and turn them into smooth creamy spreads. There’s a fancy restaurant in town that has whipped feta but I don’t enjoy it because I think feta tastes like throw up. Sorry, Greece. It’s just not my kind of thing.

But whipped ricotta is amazing. I used to put regular ricotta in my lasagna but I subbed it out for a bechamel sauce (that’s French for cream gravy) years ago because I thought the ricotta was too grainy. The whipped ricotta is making a return visit to my amazing lasagna (which is actually legitimately amazing).

So you have to start with whole milk ricotta, which can be hard to find. Whole Foods and Fresh Market usually have it. All you do is take the ricotta and throw it into a food processor. Add salt and pepper to taste (lots of pepper for me) and blitz it with a bit of olive oil until it completely smooths out. It goes from kind of bland to magical.

What do you use it for? How about these wonderful things.

  • Spread it on a beautifully grilled piece of great bread rubbed with garlic and topped with cherry tomatoes. Here it is peeking out from the tomatoes zipped up with a little red wine vinegar, salt and pepper.

  • Add some lemon zest and fresh herbs to it to make a great dip for raw veggies.
  • Slip a tablespoon or so into scrambled eggs to make them super creamy.
  • And, of course, sub it out for your regular grainy ricotta in lasagna or manicotti recipes.

Or just stand in front of the refrigerator and eat it out of the container with a spoon. Like I did.

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