The best enchiladas in the world

It started because I made the best enchiladas in the world the other night and used up the New Mexico Chili Powder. So I had to go to Savory Spice to get a replacement bottle. By the way, Savory Spice is the single best spice store on the planet. If they don’t have it, you don’t need it. And they’re locally owned.

But I digress. In waiting to check out I noticed the store carries Soberdough Brew Bread mix. This stuff is outrageously good and the company that makes it is also local.

I need that.

Once back in the car, I thought about making it tonight. But I don’t have any beer. So I head to Whole Foods to buy some beer.

I need that.

Going into Whole Foods is like shopping at Costco. Do you ever leave spending less than $100? Butter would be nice with the warm bread just out of the oven. I head over to the butter section and my eyes land on a box of Kerry Gold.

I need that.

Sadly for me, the cheese department is right next door. Cheese and warm bread. That’s not too shabby. I find a block of Pepper Jack and a wedge of Cheddar Truffelino. What is that? Sounds like it has truffles in it.

I need that.

Fruit. This is getting pretty heavy with bread, butter and cheese. Let’s check out the fruit. There’s a wee basket of orange globes. Satsumas. They have very thin skins covering juicy seedless segments may be the sweetest and most delicious oranges on the planet.

I need that.

It goes like this all the time. Actually the best enchiladas in the world started out just like this. I thawed out some grass-fed ground beef without thinking of what it was for… A grocery bag full of tortillas, crushed tomatoes, chiles and onions later.

Yeah, I needed all of that.

The recipe for the enchiladas is from Bon Appetit. The head note on it says, “These are the enchiladas that the entire test kitchen fought each other for. Let’s just say there won’t be leftovers.” Here’s the recipe from the magazine. The key is that you make your own enchilada sauce. Killer.

One Comment

  1. Julie
    February 20, 2018 at 10:45 am

    I love enchiladas.
    still have breadcrumbs I gotta give you…

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