It has come to my attention after reviewing the photos in my phone that I ate too much this week. Burp.

In my defense, it was an unusual week that spun out of control on Wednesday.

“Do you know how to shuck oysters?” I texted my friend Elizabeth Wednesday morning. The Millennial and I were to host an Oyster Easter volunteer party that night and I’d ordered six dozen oysters that I didn’t know how to open. “No,” she texted back. “But I can learn.”

Which is how we found ourselves with the fabulous Ryan, a sous chef at Southern Steak and Oyster. Ryan patiently taught us how to shuck the beasts and naturally once shucked they had to be eaten. So we did. We weren’t very good. We had to practice a lot until we got the hang of it. Burp.

Then Friday morning, The Millennial and I went on a tour of a friend’s nonprofit and before we knew it it was lunchtime. “Have you ever been to Silver Sands?” Preston asked. I had heard of the legendary soul food meat and three for years but I’d never been there. “Let’s go.”

It was a festival of Southern heart-clogging goodness. There were the easily embraced Southern classics — fried chicken, catfish, beef tips and ribs — but there were also little seen offerings in most meat and threes. How about neck bones, pig feet and hog maws. What is a hog maw? I looked it up. It’s pig stomach.

But on Friday, Silver Sands had ox tails for which I have a particular weakness. With superior mac and cheese, baked apples and hot water cornbread. Preston’s wife, Jan, could not finish her mac and cheese. I stole it off her tray. Burp.

I didn’t eat supper and that probably contributed to my last indiscretion of the week. Saturday morning I just thought it was imperative that I journey to the Factory at Franklin to patronize Five Daughters Bakery. Specifically for the King Kong. King Daddy just can’t resist a King Kong, the bakery’s signature 100-layer doughnut filled with maple cream and topped with maple icing and candied bacon. Apparently I can’t either. Burp.




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