Dinner: Changing the Game

Buy this book. I was initially lukewarm about Dinner Changing the Game because I thought, “How revolutionary can this be?” I have easily more than 500 cookbooks and my rule has always been that if I get one recipe out of a book that I add to my permanent repertoire then the book was a success.

I have dog-eared so many pages in this cookbook that I can barely get from one scrap paper bookmark to the next. The premise by author Melissa Clark is that we need to change the way we think of dinner from three piles (one protein, one starch and one vegetable) to something more imaginative and, many times, something  more simple and less time consuming.

She has the guts to include a recipe for Stovetop Mac and Cheese that includes just five ingredients: macaroni, heavy cream, Cheddar cheese, nutmeg and pepper. Everyone in my Food 52 Cookbook Club who’s made it raves about it. Ten minutes to make and scrumptious. That, my friends, is changing the game.

So my current obsession is Clark’s Anchovy Salmon with Chive Butter. Anchovies do not add a fishy flavor to anything. They amp up the umami. If you like Worcestershire sauce it’s because of the anchovies in it. So when you mix anchovies (or anchovy paste, which I use) with butter, garlic and chives and you baste a beautiful salmon filet sizzling away in a skillet with it and then add more over the top as a sauce it really does change the game.

Many times if I find a recipe in a cookbook that’s great, I’ll post it here with credit. But I really want you to buy this book. Maybe it will be the Spicy Tamarind Chicken with Crisp Lettuce that sends you over the moon. Or the Korean-Style Stir-Fried Beef. Or the Scalloped Potato Skillet Gratin. Or…or…or. Buy the book.



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