My 43 dollar best-ever grilled cheese

King Daddy wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. Easy enough. ‘Merican cheese, maybe a slice of tomato. One and done.

But that wasn’t what he had in mind and I made the mistake of letting him go to the grocery store with me.

What about using Gruyere cheese, he asks?

That’s not American. That’s Swiss. And it’s expensive.

I grab a block of Gruyere.

And how about some aged Cheddar?

That’s not American. That’s English. And it’s expensive.

I can’t say no to that man. Aged Cheddar it is.

And what about bacon? Really good bacon.

Have you seen the price of bacon lately?

Thick-cut bacon in the cart.

And an egg?

An egg? On a grilled cheese?

Organic eggs. Check.

Now the bread. How about some kind of fancy bread?

Not Wonder Bread?

No, something crusty.

Something expensive. Artisan country white bread heading through the check-out line.

And that’s how we got to the $43 grilled cheese.

So I Googled grilled cheese and Gruyere to see if anyone else had already done it and who popped up but Ina Garten with her Ultimate Grilled Cheese. And I stole her recipe. With the two added ingredients of a vine-ripened tomato and the egg, it truly ended up being the best grilled cheese I’d ever made.

King Daddy took one bite and pretty much swooned with delight. And then he gave me the ultimate compliment: “We could have this again.”

Here’s Ina’s recipe. I would strongly urge you to raid the piggy bank and splurge on the ingredients. It’s that good.




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