Steak and marriage

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It is King Daddy’s and my 27th wedding anniversary today. We are having steak.

So for those of you who don’t know the story, our wedding was highly unusual. We were living in sin in Reno, Nevada. One Saturday in April we decided to go downtown to return some library books and buy a lawn mower. While we were there, we stopped into a jewelry store. We’d been shopping for rings for a couple of months but hadn’t found just the right one for me.

We found the right one. “Let’s just put it in the safety deposit box until we figure out where the wedding will be,” I said. Then we went to have a drink because why wouldn’t you have a gin and tonic at 10 a.m. on a Saturday? Mark said we should just go by the clerk’s office to get the marriage license since it was good for a year.

We arrive, he in a ball cap and me in my Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt. The clerk asked if she could help us. So in shorts, t-shirts and one of us with a case of hat head, we got married. Then we went to Sears and got the lawn mower. The whole thing cost $149 including the mower.

So here’s what I’ve learned about marriage in 27 years. The first thing is you’d better like your spouse’s good qualities better than you don’t like the less desirable ones because they’ll both stay the same. I have many less desirable qualities but Mark’s put up with all of them.

Fight fair and make up fast. Every couple has a fight now and again. Just no below the belt stuff. And no lingering resentments.

It helps if you think each of you is funny. In our house, laughter overcomes everything.

Balance each other. I’ve had a few low times over the years. So has Mark. So far we haven’t had them at the same time.

Divide the labor. Mark’s the clothes washer and ironer. I’m the cook. Mark’s the vacuum and mop guy. I’m the duster.

No matter what your budget is, always eat steak. Whether you’re living large with a ribeye or scraping by with a skirt steak, it’s always a celebration.




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