Croissants, Crispins and special sauce

An occasional compendium of products I love…

It occurred to me this morning as I was eating my perfectly baked buttery croissant fresh out of the oven, that it would be remiss of me to not share that Trader Joe’s mini croissants are a marvel of modern engineering.

Just take a few out of the freezer, let them rise overnight and pop them in the oven for 15 minutes. Easy peasy and especially good with cold French butter and orange marmalade.

Another product I like: Hidden Valley Salad Crispins. So much better than those jaw-breaking giant croutons you buy in the bag.

I always make my own croutons at home so that I may exponentially increase the butter to bread cube ratio far beyond reasonable limits. But I almost always have a can of Salad Crispins hanging around, too.

So let me tell you about Durkee Famous Sauce. You’ve passed it a million times in the condiments section, usually on a top shelf with the other one-of-a-kind products. It’s a cross between mayonnaise and mustard but it’s more than the sum of its parts. And there’s a story behind why I like it so much.

Back in the 1950s, at least in our household, there were only three condiments: Kraft Mayonnaise, Kraft Miracle Whip and plain yellow mustard. And there was only one bread to put them on: Wonder. The lunch meat of record was Oscar Meyer baloney and the cheese was processed American. It was a good time.

But just up the street at my best friend’s house, it was exotica. There was rye bread and corned beef and, yes, Durkees. The fact that it’s still sold 50 years later and it’s still exotic makes it even more enticing. The is a jar at all times in the 5117 refrigerator.





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