Holler and Dash

It has now been four hours since I consumed the most delicious biscuit sandwich I’ve ever eaten. And I still can’t move. Like not an inch. In a good way.

The place is Holler and Dash. The biscuits are righteous. The fillings are decadent. And they have fresh-out-of-the-fryer beignets. With a coffee dipping sauce. I’m almost delirious.

So for those of you outside the South you should know that we take our biscuits seriously. It’s harder than you think to make a good one. The dough has to be handled as little as possible, like maybe just pass your hand over it in a loving way. It has to be flaky but sturdy enough to stand up to sausage gravy or a deep fried chicken thigh. For years, believe it or not, the best biscuit in the South came from a fast-food chain – Hardee’s. They’re still in the running because they’re made from scratch every morning.

Then Biscuit Love opened and that changed everything. Devoted to biscuits served at their finest. But now, I think I’ve got a new favorite boyfriend in Holler and Dash.

Let’s go on a little culinary tour, shall we?

How about this! The Pork Rambler with fried pork tenderloin, blackberry butter and fried onion straws. You can spot some pickled okra peeking out behind the biscuit. And you can see those flaky layers in the biscuit top.

Or this! The Hollarback Club with bacon, guacamole, fried green tomato and Hollerback sauce.

And the biscuit sandwich that made King Daddy declare that he will be back:

The Chicken. Set. Go. with fried chicken, pimento cheese, jalapeno and sorghum.

And there’s an unexpected surprise in the restrooms. I won’t spoil it. Just make sure you visit the restrooms.

There are only four Holler and Dash’s in the U.S. right now, not surprisingly all in the South. For the record, I own no stock in the company and have no relationship with them whatsoever other than my enduring admiration for a good biscuit.

They also serve kale as a biscuit substitute, a betrayal of everything I hold dear. But I’ll take that up with the management.



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  1. Courtney Dollar
    Courtney DollarReply
    January 7, 2017 at 6:17 pm

    This place sounds great. Come to find out we have one in the Birmingham area! Yes!
    Thanks, Courtney

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