Fried chicken


My boy has been in Moscow now almost two months. He loves it there.

The people are great. The cultural opportunities outstanding. He loves his studies at the Moscow State Institute for International Relations. The liquor is good, plentiful and cheap. A nice bottle of vodka is five bucks and box wine costs $1.

And the food. Oh, the food. Exotic soups and stews. Just foraged mushrooms. Meaty cabbage rolls with the cabbage just out of the ground.

But I was talking to him today and he said, “You know, Mom. I miss fried foods. There are fried foods in Russia but they aren’t very good.”

Music to my ears as a Southern woman. We may not be internationally sophisticated but we flat know how to fry. I would say we could teach those Russians a thing or two but my increasingly learned and diplomatic son would offer, “Isn’t there a more positive way to say that?”

Well, yes, Noah. Yes, there is. How about: “I would love to participate in a cultural exchange between our two countries in which renowned Russian chefs would teach us how to make the perfect borscht and grandmothers from Tennessee would offer our techniques for achieving the perfect fried chicken.” How’s that for diplomatic?

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There are as many ways to fry chicken as there are Southern cooks to fry it. But the best recipe I’ve ever found was in Bon Appetit. It’s for what they term the best fried chicken ever. Here’s the link to the recipe.

It’s mighty good, with a super crispy crust and succulent juicy chicken. I will also offer up the fact that of the chains serving fried chicken, Popeye’s is by far the best. As in I know chefs who make a pilgrimage to Popeye’s for the chicken alone.

Noah, momma’s coming to Russia to open a Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits. Our current strained relations with the Russian Federation will immediately improve. I’ll be diplomatic about it. I promise.



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