Biscuit doughnuts

“Can I help?”

If you are seven years old that is the key question of your life. At least if the question is directed to Nana, which is what my granddaughter Sydney calls me.

This is generally a kitchen-related question as Nana is the one who’s in the kitchen most during our annual reunions and the answer is always, always “yes.”

So I give her a chef’s knife…kidding! But there truly is always something a seven year old can do to help. Sydney’s mother, Tammy, doesn’t cook. Much. But she’s getting better. This year she made hash brown casserole and her award-winning chicken and cream cheese crescent roll ups. That’s a pretty heavy repertoire for her. But mostly, she’s the snack lady.

So I’m hoping Sydney’s and my yearly forays in the kitchen will turn her into an enthusiastic cook. Our main project this year was biscuit doughnuts. She did most of it. Nana was the fryer.

Biscuit doughnut 2

She cut out the doughnuts with a non-lethal biscuit cutter and, once fried and cooled, she dipped them in melted butter and covered them in cinnamon sugar. And since every cook likes what they make themselves, she ate a lot of the finished product.

I did, too. If you are seven or 77, these are darn tasty. And the recipe couldn’t be easier. But the best part is that Sydney could deliver a sugary warm doughnut to her parents and say, “I made them myself.”

Biscuit doughnut 1

Biscuit doughnuts

1 can Grands biscuit dough (not flaky)

Vegetable oil

2 sticks butter, melted

Cinnamon sugar

Using a small biscuit cutter, cut holes out of the middle of the biscuits.

Heat oil in a pot to 350 degrees or until bubbles form when the bottom of a wooden spoon is inserted in the pot.

Fry doughnuts and doughnut holes until browned on both sides. Drain on paper towels.

When cool enough to touch, dip the doughnuts and holes in the butter and then roll in cinnamon sugar.



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