Bacon, egg, pimento cheese and jam sandwiches

Is there anything better than a grilled sandwich that involves cheese and bacon? Yes! One that also involves a runny egg and a little jam to contrast the sweet with the salty bacon. I fed Dammit Boy one of these while he was visiting from California and before he set off for Russia. He almost stayed home.

That’s a lie. And let me tell you he’s eating pretty good over in the Motherland. The women of the village he’s visiting with his friend, Elena, have adopted them and wooed them with sausages, meat patties and rustic soup made from mushrooms foraged in the forest. One meal, he relayed to me, went on for five hours. “I like these people,” he said.

But I digress.

bacon egg pimento cheese jam sandwich

Look at that. Nueske’s cherrywood smoked bacon, Amish egg (runny required), good pimento cheese such as Palmetto Pimento Cheese and strawberry jam from the Lovelace Cafe. It is no accident that most of these ingredients come from the South.

Obviously there’s no recipe here. It’s a friggin sandwich. You can figure it out. But I will give you one tip. Instead of butter on the outside of the bread, use mayonnaise. It’s got a great fat content for grilling a sandwich and it browns evenly. Duke’s, of course, is preferred.



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