Banh Mi sandwiches and older age

catherine at banh mi truck

It became painfully obvious after 15 minutes of standing in a line under a blazing hot sun waiting for a friggin Banh Mi sandwich that I may be too old for this shit.

But it gave me a lot of time to reflect on the tens of thousands of people standing in line at one of a dozen food trucks at the Nash Spring Bash in Centennial Park.

Sir, black dress socks and brown sandals are never a wise choice.

Madam, if you have a back fat problem (which you do) try to stay away from tank tops three sizes too small. It’s not a good look.

Young man, if you have a nasty skin rash you probably shouldn’t be wearing tank tops right now. Standing behind you is making me slightly nauseous.

King Daddy observed that we were the oldest people there. But we dressed well and we had no visible rashes.

banh mi truck

So after about 20 minutes we got our Banh Mi at the Banh Mi and Roll Factory truck. King Daddy had a brief battle with a sriracha bottle, which he lost, getting sprayed with a stream of hot sauce. But the sandwich was really good.

We contemplated our next plan of attack. But when we got back to the food trucks we literally couldn’t tell where the lines started for any of them. Was it worth it to stand in line for an hour to get a grilled cheese sandwich? Or Itty Bitty Donuts? Without sun screen?

So we did what old farts do. We got in our air conditioned car and drove directly to The Local Taco in Brentwood, which has $3 mimosas on Sundays. We immediately ordered two.

Then we ordered homemade tater tots, collard greens, pinto beans and Mexican corn. All good. All served in the shade. All eaten.

local taco sides

local taco corn

No friggin’ lines. No unfortunately dressed people. No sun screen required. I’m okay with all of that.

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