So I’ve been having a time of it lately (and we won’t go into that here – no need to attend my personal pity party) and that has led to a serious lack of time for making supper. King Daddy is a patient man and he will eat leftovers all day and all night. But he’d kind of run through his stash the other night and I was, once again, tethered to my computer.

And I thought of passing my beloved Sonic earlier in the day and seeing an advertisement for their new Croissant Dog on the marquee. King Daddy and I are suckers for “limited time only” fast food specials. I don’t know what it is. Either the limited time or the idea that these companies had spent millions of dollars developing the next great thing in fast food. So I sent him down the road for a few Sonic Croissant Dogs.

Sonic advertises the dog as this: “Sonic’s Croissant Dogs take a new, gourmet twist on a Sonic classic hot dog.    We start by baking a soft roll, with all of the flaky goodness and buttery taste of a delicious croissant.  Then, we nestle the juicy premium beef hot dog in the croissant and top it off with cheddar cheese and bacon.”

Sounds pretty fantastic, right?

Sonic Croissant Dog

Wrong. King Daddy got home, I took a croissant dog out of the wrapper and looked at it. “I think they gave you the wrong order, dear,” I said. “This looks like a regular hot dog bun.”

And I took a bite. You know how a croissant is super buttery and incredibly flaky? This was decidedly not. The bun was lead-footed, dense and not in the least bit buttery. And the bread to dog ratio was way off with the sheer volume of bun. That poor dog, who’d done nothing to no one, was just suffocated.

But, I thought, I’m a sophisticated eater. Maybe I just didn’t appreciate the subtleties of too much bread that tasted just like a hot dog bun only worse. So I went online to see what others were saying about the Croissant Dog.

Like eating a sandwich that’s way too thick and it’s just nothing but bread.

I had one last week and the bun looked no different than a normal one so I called someone out and she said that was what they were sent and swore it said croissant on the package. Hope she was just fibbing!

Epicroissant fail!

I just tried the croissant dog tonight. I was on the road, took a bite, was so confused that I drove back to the store to make sure they gave me the right bun. The manager came out and confirmed that the bun was correct and he thought it was weird for a croissant, too.

So here’s the thing. First, don’t order it. You’ll cry with disappointment. Second, I want a job as a product tester for Sonic. Obviously, no one told them during the testing phase that this thing sucks.

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