King Daddy came home one day and the first thing he said was, “Have you seen the Arby’s commercials for the new Pig Candy Sandwich?”

Pig Candy Sandwich? Arby’s has discovered Pig Candy and made an entire sandwich out of it? I nearly fainted with excitement.

I have long been an enthusiastic supporter and consumer of Pig Candy. If Arby’s has embraced it, it’s no longer a Southern thing but it started out that way. In Alabama, I believe. By some women who were looking for a way to cure a slight case of depression. If you don’t immediately break a smile when you eat Pig Candy you are clinically dead.

Pig Candy is simply bacon coated with brown sugar and baked until crispy. Some Pig Candy makers put the bacon on a rack over a sheet pan so they can coat both sides with the sugar. Others add a little cayenne pepper.

So off we went to Arby’s earlier in the week to investigate their take on Pig Candy.

Burger King Pig Candy Sandwich

They don’t call it Pig Candy. They call it brown sugar bacon. But it’s all the same. King Daddy showed some restraint and got the brown sugar bacon and pit smoked ham sandwich. I went all out with the brown sugar bacon BLT.

Ever sit in Arby’s with a full-on grin the entire time you’re eating? Pretty much wall-to-wall smiling. A triumph of unparalleled proportions. These people are geniuses. Over the top. No fries necessary. Just me and the pig and a little brown sugar.

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