Hot Dog 1

So it’s been a hard few weeks for a variety of reasons I won’t go into here because I hate it when people whine on their blogs. So boring and self serving. Waa, waa, waa. Stop it. But all my closest relations and peeps are fine, there’s wine in the fridge and tomorrow’s Friday so it’s all good.

But it’s why when King Daddy suggested Nathan’s hot dogs for dinner tonight that my ears perked right up. Who doesn’t feel better after eating a Nathan’s dog grilled to perfection and topped with Vietti hot dog chili straight from the can? Anyone not feel good about that?

Here’s why Nathan’s dogs are so good. First, they’re all beef because, of course, Nathan’s is kosher and there’s no pork going on in a Nathan’s dog. Second, you have to buy the dogs with the casings on. Casings are what give dogs their snap when you bite into them. Hot dogs without casings are just tubular baloney.

Then there’s the bun – potato buns are a must. And you must butter and grill or toast them under the broiler. I am using Amish butter tonight. It is especially sinful. The Amish people may be “simple” in most of their lifestyle, but they know their butter.

The dog with the casing beautiful and crisp goes into the toasty butter bun and then the crowning glory – Vietti hot dog chili – gets ladled over the top. Vietti, by the way, is a Nashville company. If you want to stay close to home, serve the dogs with Golden Flake potato chips, quite possibly the finest greasy potato chip produced in the entire world. Golden Flake is based in Birmingham.

So here’s how anxious King Daddy is to get his dogs. He’s out on the deck washing my grill grates. Come to think of it, this is turning out to be a pretty good day. Got to go. Dogs await.

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