It’s only open 11 a.m.-3 p.m. weekdays. The parking lot is always full to overflowing. And the line down the cafeteria-style serving area is usually long.

Yes, the pizza’s that good.

This is New York-style pizza made by a family from Brooklyn who somehow found their way to Elm Hill Pike. Thank God for Joey’s House of Pizza.

Noah loves his anchovy pizza - not for everyone but you can get a slice any way you like it.Noah loves his anchovy pizza – not for everyone but you can get a slice any way you like it.

Stephany, the daughter, is the star of the show. She pivots around a three-foot area from the pizza ovens to the serving line, checking pies, pulling them out of the oven, slicing them and always with a huge smile as she quickly moves the line along to Chres, her mother, at the cash register.

You can get a slice or two to order in less than five minutes because Joey’s starts with the basic beautiful cheese slice with homemade tomato sauce and then adds on. The slices go back in the pizza oven for a minute or two so that when you get your order served on two overlapping paper plates it’s hot and bubbly. The crust is crisp and chewy at the same time.

Yes, there’s chicken Parmesan and eggplant Parmesan and spaghetti with a meatball the size of your head. There are calzones and a substantial side salad with olive oil and balsamic dressing (no substitutions – it would slow down the line). There’s cannoli for dessert if you can possibly save room.

Joey The GladiatorThe Gladiator: layer upon layer of sausage, pepperoni and cheese, cheese, cheese.

And it’s all in the family. The team includes Joey and his wife, Crescenza, son Giombattista, and daughters Stefany and Danielle. They have pronounced New York accents. And their clientele is broad – from bubbas to suits.

And the pizza’s that good.

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