Tortellini salad with salami and cheese

Tortellini Salad Salami and CheeseIs anyone else out there having trouble concentrating? This is a pandemic in the South as soon as the thermometer hits 85. All of a sudden we slow way down. And we lose our train of thought.

This morning, I went to the warehouse fully intending to be a model of efficiency and accomplishment. I will write a grant. I will learn something new about online fund raising. I will…notice that a lot of the new clothing donated from a major retailer still has the tags on. Well, I’ll just take those tags off and get back to business. Mindless, mind-wandering work.


I return to the computer. Alrighty, then. Let’s get going. I will just give my boy, Noah, a quick call to wish him a happy 22nd birthday and then hit that grant hard. Forty minutes later, I hang up. That boy could talk to a post for five minutes before he realized the post wasn’t talking back. But I like that about him.

Grant. I’ll get back at it now. I read the instructions. It’s a grant about the arts. The only art we fool with are the paintings we get from Kirkland’s.

IMG_4328Pretty, aren’t they? Maybe I could get some grant money if we gave tours to school children. But would that be considered art education or home decorating know-how? I Probably the latter.

Oh, tortellini salad. I forgot all about it. I wrote a really good recipe for Char-Broil for tortellini salad. Noah took two gallons of it home to Knoxville and ate every scrap of it. At least I still remember who he is. Hop on over to Char-Broil LIVE for the recipe.

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