Citrus-Marinated Pork Chops with Brussel Sprout Bacon Slaw

Citrus Marinated Pork Chops with Brussels Sprouts Bacon Slaw

It’s always a shock when the first cold front of fall comes through. Like today. I’m conflicted. Just yesterday it was 86 degrees and I was in shorts. Ahhh. But now it’s about 68 and my tootsies are a little coolish (the flip-flops won’t get put away until it hits about 38 degrees – a personal point of pride).

I also never stop grilling. I don’t care how cold it gets. Right now, I am dedicated to picking up all the fallen leaves on the deck daily in an attempt to get ahead of the onslaught that will unleash itself from the trees with the first healthy burst of wind. There is a connection between grilling in winter and picking up leaves in the fall. If I don’t pick up the leaves, then I trail an endless number of tiny brittle leaf shards from the deck to the kitchen all winter.

So pork chops will be on my menu all winter long. Hop on over to the Char-Broil LIVE site to get my recipe for citrus-marinated pork chops. And if you leave a comment, I’d surely appreciate it.

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